The Y-method

I offer support with becoming motivated, structuring your thesis and/or chapters, trusting the process, staying motivated, making strong arguments, keeping that flow, improving your grammar, and academic writing skills.

Mindfulness is the perfect enemy for writer’s block, procrastination, and perfectionism.  I provide simple tips and tricks that anyone can do in their daily lives to get that peace of mind. 

You are unique and have your own learning process. This requires a different approach.
I am here to help you find that unique approach so that you can become more efficient and focused whilst working.

How it works

You tell me with what you need help with. Together we can come to the most efficient and pleasant writing experience for you. I will provide you with my own experiences and scientifically proven methods.

You can choose what works for you.

Examples of methods

The reduce procastination tips that I have lined up are not perse part of one method. Rather it is a establishing a combintation of tips and practice that will help you beat your procastinating behaviour. 

This will help you work  productively. Focus and know how to efficiently structure your day. There are many time management techniques and even more tips on how to efficiently structure your day. Together we will look at what techniques and tips might be better suited for you as an individual. For example, the 80/20 rule, the pomodoro technique or the Eisenhower matrix, 1-3-5 rule. These techniques  prevent writer’s block and procrastinating behaviours.

Did you know that after the first day of not repeating your study materials you will lose 70% of the content? Therefore, it is very important that if you are cramping for an exam you will repeat the material with your own made flashcards and notes after an hour, day, week, and month.

Mind mapping is a great visual learning strategy where you can simply organize your ideas and learn just about anything. One of the biggest stumble blocks with learning or writing is the big overwhelm of all your thoughts in your head. I will help you to put all your useful creative thoughts down on paper and integrate content in a prescribed order. Rather than leading to confusion, mind mapping provides an effective way to capture thinking as it happens.

Another big stumble block writing your thesis is getting lost in all the papers that you are reading. Therefore, I will provide you with tips on how to read efficiently and filter your materials. Learn how to scan texts and separate main points from side issues.

Grounding techniques are coping strategies which will help you reconnect to the present moment and get you out of emotional distress. Emotional distress such as experiencing anxiety. However, what do your emotions have to do with learning? Being aware of your emotions enhances emotional intelligence and an improved mental health will give a boost in every aspect of your life. I will provide tips on how to become more emotional intelligent so that you become aware of anxiety which is one of the main triggers for procrastination, writer’s block, and self-criticism. Overcome not being able to learn or getting any writing done by simple grounding techniques such as pranayama, visualization, and yoga.

Goal setting are not new years resolutions. Together we will establish small goals step-by-step in order to work towards your big goals. This will be done by my trailored goal intention setting techniques practice. 

Did you know that binaural beats can enhance your focus? I have a diverse list of focus music including binaural beats. The tracks I have for you can also be used in combination with the Pomodoro time management technique as it are sessions of 25 minutes. Perfect to tackle two things at once. 

You are in charge of your hours. Together we will find the best strategy to finish writing your thesis.



Achieve that balance between work and life by organising and structuring your time and energy wisely. 

Peace of mind

Learn how peace and ease of mind with writing and work can be achieved following my guidance. Learn more about mindfulness.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence and an improved mental health will give a boost in every aspect of your life – personal and professional. 

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Workshops and coaching for mindful academic writing

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