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The individual coaching sessions will get you to start writing! I am here to guide you through the writing process and will proofread your work. We will videocall, chat about your progress and my feedback will give you that push in the right direction. 


Thesis support

It is always helpful to have another set of eyes critically reading your thesis. I will read your work and provide advice. Having written 3 of my own, I can give you advice on all sort of levels. From flow to structure, I am here to support you with writing your thesis. 


Access to resources

Whether it is the emotional support you are seeking or just practical writing tips, I have a database full of resources. For example, common writing mistakes that students make or a mindfulness guide in the context of writing your thesis. 

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Examples of writing support

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Writing effective abstracts

You’ll learn how to write an effective abstract which is a key skill to develop. Writing your abstract can take a long time.


Overcoming writer's block

Avoid getting stuck and receive the support so that you can apply the tools to start writing. 

Clear writing

Academic style

Learn how to develop a clear structure for your texts. Improve the connections between your sentences to get that flow. 

Learn from my mistakes and get to know the most common grammar and language issues in English texts. Achieve the right tone and style for writing your thesis. 

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Workshops and coaching for mindful academic writing

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