Relatable, Evidence-based, Action

Are you seeking a speaker who can captivate, inform, and inspire your audience? Look no further! Yvette brings a unique blend of relatability, evidence-based tips, and actionable strategies to every speaking engagement.

Outstandingly relatable

Yvette’s messages come from experience.
As a researcher, coach, and meditation teacher, she knows the heart of her audience like no other.

Her authenticity instantly connects.

More than just relatable but evidence-based

Yvette has a very personal and profound message to share with people. Her message is more than just relatable and insightful, it is research evidence-based. Yvette’s approach is grounded in research and real-world experience, ensuring that her presentations are not only engaging but also backed by evidence. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping others unlock their full potential.


Yvette doesn’t just inspire; she empowers.

Her presentations are filled with practical strategies and actionable takeaways that audiences can implement immediately to drive positive change in their lives or organizations.

Hi, I’m Yvette Vermeer

For the past five years, I’ve been hosting workshops, doing research, and posting meditation tracks. So, if you’re looking for someone relatable with evidence-based tips on the topics of procrastination and perfectionism, you just found her.

Yvette will customize her presentation to meet your organisation’s specific needs. The goal of each speaking event is to facilitate the outcome you want to create. Furthermore, Yvette can speak in person but also offers training in a virtual / online setting.


Yvette has spoken with a variety of audiences, including multinational corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, conferences and entrepreneurial groups.
You may also know Yvette from the Insight Timer app

Corporate events

Is your corporation planning an in-person or virtual event and seeking a dynamic, insightful speaker and meditation teacher? Yvette offers evidence-based tips and relatability, delivering content that resonates with diverse audiences.


With years of speaking experience at diverse universities and hosting many live meditations, Yvette is skilled at addressing essential topics such as procrastination, perfectionism, limiting beliefs and boosting motivation.


If your group or organisation is considering hosting a private retreat, Yvette’s presence as a speaker can contribute to an enriching experience. Her speaking can equip your retreat with evidence-based tips for personal and professional development.

Her 4 Keynote’s are:

• Dealing With Procrastination
• Release Limiting Beliefs
• Letting Go of Perfectionism
• Boost Your Motivation

Other possibilities

If you’re envisioning a unique offering that hasn’t been covered here, please feel free to connect with us. We are open to exploring and facilitating a variety of learning experiences.


Companies and Organisations Yvette has worked with:

o Insight Timer
o Maastricht University
o Utrecht University
o LUCA school of Arts
o Eindhoven University of Technology

Want me as a speaker?

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Want me as a speaker?
Get in contact with Yvette

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