The 5 hour package

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Book the 5 hour package for mindful support with academic writing and learning

Student Package

You are in charge of your hours!

To give you an example of what you can do with 5 hours* of individual coaching are the following steps:

  • Together we will create an action plan
  • You will receive writing support
  • We can work on your structure and flow
  • You receive tips (e.g. time management, read efficiëntly, learn productively, reduce procastination and work peacefully)
  • You receive the Write Way Student Starters Package

Write Way coaching

What is different from the 2 hour package is that with 5 hours we can go more in-depth with writing your thesis and how you can do this more peacefully. For example, we can work on developping a research question, write a cohesive story and make strong arguments.

Within these 5 hours we will discuss your needs, make a plan of approach, work on your structure and argumentation, and you’ll receive more tips for writing your thesis. Tips depend on your needs but can cover time management techniques, read efficiently, learn productively, prevent procastination, work with your inner critic and write more peacefully.

Write Way coaching

If you purchase Write Way hours you will automatically receive the Write Way student Starters Package which includes more academic writing tips and common mistakes students make when writing their thesis/dissertation.

*The 5 hours can be divided into half hour sessions!

** You do not pay VAT over your purchase

*** Depending on your situation, you can ask for a tax return regarding the purchase.


7 reviews for The 5 hour package

  1. Thomas Dalen

    Jij hebt mij de zomer doorgeholpen want ik had wat vertraging en kreeg mijn scriptie gewoon niet af. Bedankt voor de hulp en ook heel fijn dat je het zo praktisch verteld

  2. Marianne

    Doing a PHD is stressful and I knew I needed someone to really look at my arguments in-depth. Write Way helped me to be less anxious and work more efficient. Really helpfull thanks

  3. Anton Dunayevsky

    Hi Yvette, we met at your procastination workshop and I wished I had known about this service sooner. You were able to give some great advice and helped me with my procastinating behaviour (like you said it is behaviour it is not me). It was though and sometimes I wanted to give up but having planned our weekly session made me commit. Yes it is expensive for a student but so is another year of university.

  4. Gnanasekaran

    My deadline was in April and you helped me so much within 5 hours. I didn’t realise what I was doing wrong and you gave me good examples of how to change it. Thanks to you I was able to work on my supervisor’s comments and make the right changes.

  5. Vera de Vries

    She was flexible and it was easy to schedule meetings. The help with my content analysis was clear and I learned how to structure my paper. Thank you

  6. Mark

    Ik vond de hulp erg fijn en zag eindelijk waar ik heen moest werken. Vooral de tips voor uitstelgedrag en alles in kleinere stapjes doen was fijn. Hierdoor zag ik het overzicht weer. Bedankt en ik raad dit aan!

  7. Rebecca Hull

    This was a great service and I would like to thank Yvette for the support. She was able to guide to me through writing and publishing an article. The peer reviewers were brutal but Yvette was able to pin point what needed to be changed. Again thanks so much.

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