10-day Mindfulness course to beat procrastinating behaviour

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Reduce procastination Write Way audio course
Reduce procastination Write Way audio course

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Are you experiencing procrastinating behaviour and you want it to stop? Do you think it is difficult to start something or to finish some work? Then I am happy to share with you this 10 day course:

10-day Mindfulness course to beat procrastinating behaviour

Yvette Vermeer Write WayI am Dr. Yvette Vermeer and a researcher, lecturer, and most of all former procrastinator. Meanwhile, I know what it is like to have procrastination negatively impact your work and private life.

In this course you will learn more about procrastination and how meditation can help you with that. We will discover where the procrastinating behaviour comes from and what you can do about it. Furthermore, each day includes a practical tip and a short meditation practice.

Everyday you will receive a 12 minute audio class which includes practical tips and a mindfulness practice. The mindfulness practices are based on the lessons and practical tips from that day. In addition, it might be good to have pen and paper at hand just in case you want to write down some new learned insights. To give you a better idea of what this audio course entails the following description will explain the content from day 1 till day 3.


Day 1: What is procastination?

We will start with researching what procrastinating behaviour is and where it comes from. Therefore, we will ask whether it is a form of time management issues or ia motivational problem? Furthermore, we will discover what your underlying motivation is to beat your procrastinating behaviour. Make sure you have a pen and paper at hand. 


uitstelgedrag write wayDay 2: How does your procastinating behaviour look like?

It is essential to recognise procrastinating behaviour in order to reduce it and eventually stop it. Today we will discover how and what procrastinating behaviour might look like. Do you recognise yourself in certain behaviour or types?



Day 3: Recognise procrastinating behaviour and its consequences

Procastination Write Way Uitstelgedrag

In order to stop procrastinating behaviour it is important to become aware of the things you do and its negative consequences. Today we will focus on our behaviour and to see it seperate from our inner beings. For the exercise you might want to grab a pen and paper.

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2 reviews for 10-day Mindfulness course to beat procrastinating behaviour

  1. Yvette Verify

    Reviews regarding purchasing this course are very much appreciated!

  2. Sarah J

    Thank you DR! The course was easy to do but I learned so much from it. The music is also calming and the practices are great to follow.

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