5 Hours – One on One coaching


5 hours of one-on-one coaching with Dr. Vermeer.  Helps tackle procrastination & perfectionism.  Focus on self-development and academia, Price per one session of one hour coaching.


Work for 5 hours together with Dr. Yvette Vermeer

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Elevate Your Life with Dr. Yvette Vermeer: Exclusive One-on-One Coaching


Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey guided by an expert in personal development and academic writing? Introducing our exclusive one-on-one coaching program with Dr. Yvette Vermeer.

With Dr. Vermeer as your personal coach, you’ll experience a customized approach to growth and self-discovery that is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Drawing from her extensive background in academia, mindfulness, and life coaching, Dr. Vermeer combines evidence-based techniques with intuitive guidance to help you break through limitations, cultivate resilience, and thrive in all aspects of your life.

One-on-One coaching with Dr. Vermeer
One-on-One coaching with Dr. Vermeer

Why choose coaching with Dr. Vermeer?

What sets Dr. Vermeer apart is her deep commitment to understanding your individual journey and providing compassionate support every step of the way.  She has years of experience as a coach. In addition, through insightful conversations and compassionate listening, she creates a safe space for you to explore your challenges, uncover your strengths, and unleash your inner potential.

As a trusted academic coach, Dr. Vermeer empowers you to embrace change with confidence. Guiding you towards a life filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. She is not just a coach. With her unwavering support and guidance, you’ll navigate challenges with grace, cultivate resilience, and step into your power with authenticity and self-assurance. Therefore, experience the profound impact of one-on-one coaching with Dr. Yvette Vermeer.

You choose what you want the coaching to focus on

Topics for one-one-one coaching can involve:

  • Self-Development: Explore your inner landscape, uncover your true passions, and align your actions with your values. Dr. Vermeer provides personalized meditations and guidance to help you cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and authenticity, empowering you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Perfectionism: Break free from the shackles of procrastination and perfectionism that hinder your progress and creativity. Dr. Vermeer offers practical strategies and mindset shifts to help you overcome self-imposed limitations, boost productivity, and unleash your creative potential.
  • Tackling Writer’s Block: Navigate through the challenges of writer’s block with ease and confidence. Dr. Vermeer provides proven techniques and exercises to spark inspiration, overcome creative blocks, and cultivate a mindset of flow and abundance in your writing process.
  • Academic Writing and Qualitative Methods: Whether you’re a student or a researcher, Dr. Vermeer offers invaluable insights and tips to enhance your academic writing skills and qualitative research methods. From crafting compelling arguments to conducting rigorous qualitative analysis. Dr. Vermeer equips you with the tools and knowledge to excel in your academic endeavors.


5 hours online coaching sessions with Dr. Vermeer



Furthermore, one coaching session is one hour. However, we can divide this in two half hours in agreement. More importantly, everything is in agreement as this is a partnership.


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