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Book the 10 hour package for mindful support with academic writing and learning. These 10 hours can be spend on proofreading, coaching videocalls, feedback moments and writing sessions. You also get FULL access to the Write Way platform including podcasts, most common writing mistakes, tips for grammar and more!

You are in charge of how you want to spend your 10 hours.

Individual coaching session for 10 hours* can include:

  • Action plan
  • Writing support
  • Structure & Flow
  • Grammar
  • Academic Style
  • Tips (e.g. time management, read efficiëntly, learn productively, reduce procastination and work peacefully

You will automatically get:

  • Access to the Write Way mindfulness platform
  • the FULL Write Way Student Package

What is different from the 5 hour package is that with 10 hours you will receive an overal discount and have full acces. For example, we can work on writing the perfect research question, write a cohesive story and make strong arguments. Another example could be that you start writing your thesis from scratch where you will receive full support in making a plan, write efficiently, productively, and easily with amazing peace of mind.   You will receive full acces to the Write Way mindfulness platform which includes individually tailored mindfulness meditations, practices and  podcasts about writing your thesis more peacefully.

Write Way coaching

Within these 10 hours we will discuss your needs, make a plan of approach, work on your structure and argumentation, and you’ll receive more tips for writing your thesis. Tips depend on your needs but can cover time management techniques, read efficiently, learn productively, prevent procastination, work with your inner critic and write more peacefully.

If you purchase Write Way hours you will automatically receive the Write Way student Starters Package which includes more academic writing tips and common mistakes students make when writing their thesis/dissertation.


write way meeting

*The 10 hours can be divided into half hour sessions!

** You do not pay taxes over your purchase

*** Depending on your situation, you can ask for a tax return regarding the purchase

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14 reviews for The 10 hour full access package

  1. Ira O

    Hai Yvette,

    Ik wil je graag laten weten dat ik afgelopen dinsdag ben afgestudeerd! Ik heb mijn thesis mogen verdedigen en ben beoordeeld met een 7.5!
    Dank je wel voor al je hulp. Ik vond vooral je positieve opmerkingen en smileys tussen de feedback door heel motiverend. Uiteraard wordt je hulp ingeroepen om tips te ontvangen, maar ik vond het heel fijn om tussendoor ook de positieve punten te lezen 😄 Daarnaast heb ik heel veel baad gehad bij de tabel voor de opbouw van bijvoorbeeld de inleiding.

    Bedankt voor het fijne contact en succes in je verdere carrière.


  2. Christian

    I finished writing my thesis after years of not doing it, You gave me some simple breathing exercises to do before I start writing and that has helped me with my anxiety. Also thank you for the last minute support.

  3. Danique Visser

    Dear Yvette, I just loved the hands on approach and how you communicated. What I liked was how you gave practical tips and made it all so simple by providing frameworks. However, I got a bit scared when you send me my first draft and I received a lot of comments. Luckily we could discuss this over Skype and I could improve my discussion chapter. Meanwhile you kept saying that I did all the work but you really supported me.

  4. Marloes

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! My supervisor was of no help and I felt so stuck! You helped me get through this and we were able to do the work in such a short amount of time. Happy to say that I graduated with a big 8. I loved your direct approach, feedback rounds and videocalls so we could look at the feedback but also look forward. Yes you give a lot of feedback haha but it was GOOD helpful feedback. Would recommend using this service!

  5. A

    Hoi Yvette, ik wil je graag bedanken voor onze fijne samenwerking. Elke week skypen met je werkte echt als een stok achter de deur. Zelfs weken waar ik niets op papier kreeg hielp je mij. Ja zodra die introductie staat gaat de rest erg snel. De documenten en tips die je stuurde waren ook nuttige hulpmiddelen. Als ik weer met mezelf zat te worstelen dan zei je altijd het juiste. Vriendelijk bedankt

  6. anonymous

    GOOD was doubting if I would pay that much but it was worth it. Graduated in April otherwise it would be next year. I liked that I easily could plan a meeting and had comments really fast.

  7. Eva

    I used this service when I needed to write my Introduction chapter. Think I saved a lot of time not worrying about what my next steps should be. The documents with writing tips are really helpful. I was able to talk to someone about my thesis on multiple occasions which really helped me with the writing process. Within a couple of days I received feedback for my writing. It was nice to have that conformation that yes I am going the right direction before handing in my thesis. Thank you

  8. Tim de Wit

    Couldn’t recommend this service enough. I had 5 weeks before my deadline and I still needed to write the method, results and dicussion. Yvette helped me every step of the way. She gave me tips for grammar ,academic writing and how to make strong arguments. I never learned this and you helped me by giving clear instructions and tips. In 3 roundes I finished and improved my thesis by 10000% Thank you

  9. anonymous

    Amazing coaching and proofreading. I needed to finish writing my thesis after a burn-out. I was so done with it! In roundes we worked on my writing and motivation. I loved the tips about finding my intrinsic motivation to finish it. It was helpful that we made a plan together and divided everything in smaller steps so that I was not so overwhelmed. Knowing that someone was helping me, reading my work and making plans with me helped me get through this awful proces. Grateful that I found this.

  10. Stan

    Very happy with this service. I thought I needed someone to proofread my thesis and give me the best advice so that I could finish my thesis quickly. However, during the coaching sessions it turned out that I needed to work more on my mindset and procastion than my writing skills. I’m happy that Yvette helped me with coaching so that I could eventually finish writing my thesis without that harsh inner voice.
    Hope this helps

  11. Becca Niehuis

    Yvette heeft mij begonnen vanaf het begin en mijn plan van aanpak werd meteen goedgekeurd. Normaal had ik veel stress gehad maar nu was het overzichtelijk en makkelijk om te werken aan mijn studie en scriptie.

  12. Patrick

    Mijn pva was afgekeurd en ik moest eigenlijk helemaal opnieuw beginnen. Met de hulp van Yvette kon ik gericht te werk gaan en was het duidelijk wat mijn volgende stappen waren. De eerste ronde was het moeilijkst maar op het einde was het zo vanzelfsprekend. De hulp was snel en duidelijk. Nogmaals bedankt topper!

  13. Ella van Veen

    De website is gericht op scriptie schrijven maar ik had hulp nodig bij het publiceren van mijn artikelen. Ondanks dat de hulp niet gericht was op SPSS was het handig om een tweede lezer te hebben voor de tekst. Nu is eindelijk mijn artikel gepubliceerd. Groeten, Ella

  14. Jakub

    It was easy to work with Yvette and she helped me to get papers published. I was also working on my thesis and she gave some good advice on my qualitative method. Never having done this before, the help was very practical and the feedback easy to read. Altough it was a lot of hard work the guidance was useful and highly recommendable. Thank you again. Jakub

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