3 dagen audio mindfulness cursus om samen te werken met je saboteur [Engels]

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Don’t you wish you could mute your inner critic?

Then try out this 3-day Mindfulness audio course including breathing techniques and a visualization practice.

Mute your inner critic and feel more free, resilient, and overall happy

Audio course

“I am not good enough”

I can’t do anything right!

“This isn’t working”

klinkt herkenbaar?

This is our inner critic speaking or even shouting to us. Perhaps your inner critic is keeping you from work, study for that exam or just participate in life?

Maybe you just want to be less self-critical but tried fighting it and nothing works.

Then this 3-day audio course is for you! The audio course covers mindfulness techniques and a visualization practice  to “mute” and perhaps befriend your inner critic.

Audio course
Audio course write way

What will we cover?

The course involves a mindfulness practice where you will work on becoming aware of your inner critical thoughts and learn to release them through visualisation. Furthermore, you will start to explore how you can strengthen yourself through compassion and trying out new behaviours. Mindfulness tools are provided such as breathing techniques and moving exercises as well as a visualization practice.

Each day includes a grounding technique and a specialised visualization to understand who is exactly talking to you. Througout the 3 days you will also learn more about self critical talk, self-compassion and somatic healing practices.

Audio course visualization Write Way
Write Way audio course visualization

This course is part of an ongoing practice where you first learn about how to become more aware of your inner critical thoughts, where they come from, from who they come from, how to deal with the inner critic and eventually how to mute the inner critic.

Write Way Luister Listen

Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening – Lisa M Hayes

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    Reviews are more than welcome

  2. Mary J

    I am new to meditation. But this course was a nice and easy accesible. It has brought me awareness and given me some tools to use.

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