Het starterspakket van 2 uur

(9 klant recensies)


Boek 2 uur en ontvang meteen ondersteuning tijdens het schrijven van je scriptie!

De uren kunnen verdeeld worden in halve sessies.



Jij bepaalt waar je hulp bij nodig hebt! Samen bespreken we je vragen, je scriptie en hoe we het gaan aanpakken.

Je kunt bijvoorbeeld 2 uur besteden aan:

    • Een plan van aanpak maken
    • Begeleiding tijdens het schrijven
    • Structuur
    • Q & A

Write Way coaching

Coaching depends on your needs. Spending 2 hours is a great way to check your thesis or ask major questions. What I usually offer clients in 2 hours is to help with setting up an action plan, academic writing support, and give writing advice on structure. Together we can establish setting priorities with making changes to your thesis/dissertation. This is also the time where you can ask questions “like is my research question okay” or “is my research method valid”?

Write Way laptop
Write Way laptop

*De 2 uren kunnen verdeeld worden in half uren

** Je betaald geen BTW over je aankoop

***Afhankelijk van je situatie kunnen de kosten die je maakt fiscaal aftrekbaar zijn als studiekosten


Write Way coaching

9 beoordelingen voor The 2 hours starters package

  1. Olivia

    Thank you for the support with finishing my thesis! I just didn’t know where to start and how to keep myself motivated. Booking two hours with Yvette saved me so much time and stress – she is great !

  2. Daniel

    My deadline was within 2 weeks and I really needed help. What Yvette can do within just 2 hours is amazing. If I had known sooner that this existed I would have booked more.

  3. Jolijn Hagen

    Heel erg bedankt Yvette

  4. Rick

    I was desperate and had only a few days left before handing in my dissertation! Thank you for helping me out last minute so that I could do some damage work

  5. Louis Dufort

    Great useful feedback. It was easy to schedule sessions with Yvette by Calendly. Loved the flexibility of the 2 hours and the quick feedback. Merci

  6. anonymous

    4 stars because it is a bit pricy but I really needed it. I had a great video chat with Yvette and we made a action plan. She gave useful feedback within 2 days so that I could make my deadline. I don’t think I would have made it without this service. Thanks

  7. Nikki

    Great that I could talk to someone about my thesis before sending it to my supervisor. The feedback was concrete, useful and quick. The videocall helped me to gain confidence when we were discussing my thesis.

  8. Thijs Van de Berg

    Very useful proofreading. I really needed someone to look at my methods before my deadline. I send the email and got comments right away.

  9. Meghan Vliet

    I had to a re-exam and had to resubmit my thesis. In October Yvette helped me last minute with my thematic qualitative analysis. This was good and she was flexible. Altough two hours did not help with my whole thesis.

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