In the bustling world of academia, where deadlines loom large and intellectual demands never seem to subside. I was a stressed out PhD student.  In addition, I suffered from major perfectionism whilst procrastinating. As a result, I started meditation. A practice which was an invaluable ally in my self development journey. Initially, my foray into meditation was driven by a quest for stress relief and improved focus, but little did I anticipate the profound impact it would have on my academic writing. Meditation boosts academic writing and this blog post briefly will explain how. This reflective exploration seeks to unravel the ways in which meditation has boosted my creativity, enhanced my concentration, and fundamentally transformed my approach to the written word.


Mindfulness and Clarity:

Meditation helped me to cultivate mindfulness – the practice of being fully present and engaged in the current moment. Just sit and breathe. Feel. Sounds easy right? Well meditation is not easy. Especially if you are anything like me. I thought it was a waste of time and had many expectations that came with it. For example, if you meditate you should be able to completely clear your mind. Rather , by incorporating mindfulness meditation into my daily routine, I learned to anchor my attention to the task at hand, silencing the mental noise that often accompanied the writing process. I can hold my attention now. One breathe at a time.


This does not mean I am perfect or that person who can completely empty their minds (as is often thought of as ‘meditation’).


Instead, my newfound clarity allowed me to approach my academic work with a focused and undivided mind. This focus enhanced my ability to delve deep into complex ideas and articulate them coherently.


Stress Reduction:

The academic journey is notorious for its stress-inducing nature. Deadlines and more deadlines. In addition, challenging research questions, and the constant pressure to ‘publish or perish’ can take a toll on one’s mental well-being. Meditation emerged as a stress reduction tool. It also provided a respite from the overwhelming demands of academia. Regular meditation sessions became a sanctuary where I could recalibrate my mind, release tension, and approach my writing tasks with a refreshed perspective. For example, a quick 10 minute lunch break meditation helped me to reduce stress. Starting with a body scan to learn that my body is more than my thoughts. Interestingly, meditation has tought me that I have a body that needs attention and deep breaths. Also, my thoughts are not the exact truth. Thoughts that lead to stress and anxiety. By doing a body scan, the focus would be on the body instead of those stress inducing thoughts.

I have learned that my body is more than my head with my thoughts…


Enhanced Creativity:

One unexpected outcome of my meditation practice was a noticeable surge in creativity. Why creativity?  As my mind became less cluttered with extraneous thoughts, I found a newfound capacity to generate innovative ideas and approach topics from unconventional angles. Meditation served as a catalyst for unlocking the dormant creativity within, enabling me to infuse my academic writing with fresh perspectives and engaging narratives.


Write Way meditation
Meditation boosts academic writing


Improved Focus and Productivity:

Academic writing requires sustained focus. Furthermore, you need to always be productive. Through meditation, I honed my ability to maintain concentration over extended periods. The mindfulness skills cultivated during meditation sessions spilled over into my writing sessions, enabling me to resist distractions and navigate through the intricate details of my research with heightened efficiency. This improved focus translated into increased productivity, allowing me to meet deadlines without sacrificing the quality of my work. In sum, having focus whilst being productive.


Overall, meditation boosts academic writing

My journey with meditation has been transformative. While meditation required some discipline, it also helped with the writing process. Now I feel more mindful and creative. By incorporating meditation into my routine, I not only experienced the immediate benefits of stress reduction and enhanced focus but also witnessed a profound improvement in the quality of my academic writing. As I continue to explore the synergies between meditation and writing, I am convinced that this practice holds potential for anyone seeking to elevate their academic writing experience



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Write Way offers support with mindful academic writing


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