Why mindfulness

According to Shapiro and colleagues (2012)
mindfulness helps to enhance our

Interpersonal functioning
Immune functioning
Cognition and creativity
Attention and concentration

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A peaceful mindset for learning & writing

The support I offer goes further than tips and tricks for better writing. It is my mission to help you gain more confidence and to support working on your overall health and wellbeing. This includes improving your mental, physical and emotional health. 

However, is being mindful sitting still for an hour each day and think of nothing? NO!

Mindfulness, the same as with learning, requires an individual approach. Therefore, it is important to “learn to” be mindful and find the right method for you. 

Whether you struggle with finding the time to practice or have troubles sitting still, this method will support you in finding the best way for you. Again, I will guide you in finding the right mindful practice for you.




Learning to learn

What is mindfulness?




Mindfulness involves being aware of what is arising without changing the experience.

Instead mindfulness changes our relationship to the experience. In other words, instead of shaming ourselves and or beating ourselves up, we look at ourselves with kindness.

However, this is more difficult than you think. It is often our self-judgment which is holding us back.

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Notice when your mind wanders off & bring it back to your attention. Accept that our minds wander off 90% off the time. 

Accept that there is no way to quit your mind . All you are trying to do is pay attention to the present moment without judgment. 

Many practices can help you strengthen this ability and I will guide you in finding what approach suits you best 

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