Why learn with the Y-method?

We have to learn how to forget old ideas and try new things. This involves “learning to learn” how to be more focused, efficient and make the most of your time by being calm and guilt free. We all have been taught things in school what might not seem to come naturally at first.

Learning to learn

Did you have troubles at school and hated some of the classes and how they were taught? This is because the process of learning is very tailored to an individual and there is no universal teaching style that works. That is why taking action to figure out what the most efficient way for you to learn is so mind blowing.


This is where coaching comes in and it is important for you to tell your individual experience of what works and what doesn’t work for you. Together we can come to the most efficient and pleasant work experience for you. At the same time, I will provide you with my own experiences and scientifically proven methods which will make you even more efficient and empowered.


Achieve that balance between work and life by organising and structuring your time and energy wisely. 

Peace of mind

Learn how peace and ease of mind with writing and work can be achieved following my guidance. Learn more about mindfulness.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence and an improved mental health will give a boost in every aspect of your life – personal and professional. 

Write Way

Workshops and coaching for mindful academic writing

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