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Mindful workshops and a coaching program for academia

For who is write way?


Looking for interactive mindfulness workshops?

Need a speaker at your next writing event?


International students, Dutch students, MSc level, Bachelors or doing a PhD.

Anyone who wants to write more efficiently.


Writing Book chapters? Want to submit that paper?

Do you want to write easily and achieve new goals?


Academic life can be quite stressful for students and academics. Write Way is known for hosting fun interactive workshops focused on academia, wellbeing and personal development.   

Workshops can be tailored to your needs. Previous workshops were about presentation skills, writing & studying through mindfulness, procastination, time management, having a positive mindset, and intention setting.

Company-wide workshops

Good writing and speaking skills are essential tools for advancing a scientific career, yet researchers rarely receive proper training. Write Way fixes that

Interactive and fun

Here are some examples of organisations who went before you

Maastricht university

Wellbeing movemement UM

Utrecht University

Wellbeing Week

Insight Timer

The free meditation app

Write Way offers individual coaching. The coaching can take the form of intensive feedback on your writing through editing and online coaching via zoom/teams. This support is tailored to your needs which might be about presenting and planning your research, or framing your contribution, or how to structure your thesis. Support can also address issues of emotional wellbeing, motivation, procrastination, and perfectionism.

Write Way is here to support you with the process of writing and coping with anxiety and/or perfectionism.
The unique coaching focusses on practical tips and mindfulness to write with more peace of mind.

Reasons why people love Write Way



You choose what you need help with. Everything is tailored to your needs. It is your path and academic career.


You will write faster with less stress and anxiety. Hand in your dissertation in time. Meet your deadlines and graduate with ease. 


You will have a sparring partner guiding you through the process of writing. Write Way will support you step by step. 

Beat procastination with mindfulness


Every day you will receive a 12 minute practice with mindfulness exercises and practical tips


What People Say

"Hi Yvette, we met at your procastination workshop and I wished I had known about this service sooner. You were able to give some great advice and helped me with my procastinating behaviour (like you said it is behaviour it is not me). It was though and sometimes I wanted to give up but having planned our weekly session made me commit. Yes it is expensive for a student but so is another year of university".
"THANK YOU THANK YOU! My supervisor was of no help and I felt so stuck! You helped me get through this and we were able to do the work in such a short amount of time. Happy to say that I graduated with a big 8. I loved your direct approach, feedback rounds and videocalls so we could look at the feedback but also look forward. Yes you give a lot of feedback haha but it was GOOD helpful feedback. Would recommend using this service!"
"My deadline was in April and you helped me so much within 5 hours. I didn’t realise what I was doing wrong and you gave me good examples of how to change it. Thanks to you I was able to work on my supervisor’s comments and make the right changes."
"Doing a PHD is stressful and I knew I needed someone to really look at my arguments in-depth. Write Way helped me to be less anxious and work more efficient. Really helpfull thanks".

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